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Here is the perfect set to spoil yourself or a loved one!

Plus, they're all made here! Supporting local has never been easier!

The Hiker set includes:

  • Small KLIIN J'Torche Darvee white
  • Small KLIIN Waves green
  • Large KLIIN J'Torche Darvee green
  • 5 sheets white roll
  • Lemon dishwashing paste 250g
  • Laundry detergent sheets (20 units)
  • Moringa powder, vegetable protein 227g
  • Nut & Chocolate Snack Pow 200g

You will receive a free KLIIN dryer worth $16.99!

More information on our partners :

Keevo: More nutrient dense than kale, Moringa powder is a complete plant protein. It tastes similar to matcha, and boosts overall wellness, fights inflammation and protects the liver. https://keevonutrition.com/

Snack Pow: Snacks in a can in an innovative container. This new way of consuming a snack in a can offers a wide and secure opening, a pin-type sealed metal lid, non-cutting, reclosable and recyclable.

+ Free $16.99 value

Save 18% !

Free shipping on top of that!